Monday, November 14, 2005

Now's the Time to Save, Shoppers!

"Dawn of the Dead". I filled up 5 sketchbooks drawing this movie last year - I'd pause the movie every few seconds and do a quick 5 minute line drawing. Only got halfway through the film before I got distracted by something else. Should finish it, but wow, that was a Lot of Zombies.


Steve's 1st Tattoo

I've got a few of them so Steve and I agreed I had to skip work for an hour and go be supportive. I was also of some support to the tattoo artist - he handed me $20 and said "hey Red, I'm runnin' out - wanna go get me a 6 pack of peach cider?" That's what all those green bottles are.


Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Steve and me at the Easy Street Cafe

I only signed on to Blogger so I could post comments on others' blogs, but it seems like it may be a suitable solution to my 'no time to create a real website' problem and a temporary place to house small jpgs of my drawings and paintings.

This one here is of me and my friend Steve. I did a quick line contour drawing straight on canvas and then used acrylics heavily diluted with gloss medium. The jpg's not as bright nor as shiny as the original canvas piece, but it still has some charm.